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TARA: 4296-2993-1336

I got the XY glitch patch from the Eshop and my X version has been officially fixed! Thanks for all the help, tricks and links in my last entry. 
I've beaten the E4 and would love to start exploring the friend safari! Gimme your Friend Codes and I'll gladly add you back.
I'd love to get safari's with Luxio, Spritzee, Braxien, Frogadier, Galvantula, Sligoo and a dark safari but I'll take anything.


Tara Billinger
United States
What's up my peeps?
My name is Tara Billinger
I'm a cartoonist/comic book/plush/freelance artist.

I love the color purple, Monsters, Marshmallow peeps, Comic books, Video games, Wearing dresses, The Unusual, Things that make me laugh, Music from the 1950s, Acting girlie, Sloths, Sugar Gliders, Sewing, Plushies, My albino pup, Classic cartoons, Meeting new people and working on art projects!

I have had work published in both Tokyopop and Slave Labor Graphics and have been featured on Dummcomics. I've also been featured in a episode of "Flapjack" on Cartoon Network. In high school I had the honor of winning "The First Place Congressional Award for the 35th Annual All-State High Schools Exhibition".

Past professional credits include:
Slave Labor Graphics Comic Book Artist-2007-2010
Disney TV Animation Department for Development Storyboard revisionist.-2011
Disney TV Animation Department for Development Character Design-2012
Disney TV Animation Department On Staff Character Design:Mickey Mouse Shorts-Present

Be sure to visit my blog at

Current Residence: Burbank, California
Personal Quote: "My peeps are magical"


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There is nothing professional about the way she's been drawing Mickey Mouse. She and Paul are cheap HACKS! And this is the only way she'll know that she's a hack.
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SHUT UP! She and Paul are not cheap hacks in the slightest possible manner, you dumb @$$! They ARE professionals, you unprofessional fool! YOU are a hack, not any of them! End of story.
ShotaDeer Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for making those disney Mickey shorts! I've followed you for a few years now so it came to be a surprise knowing someone i've been following would end up in Disney, good on ya =D
AnistarNinfia Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, just wanted to say I really love your Sylveon collection and that you have great art! :D I hope things are going well for you.
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