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May 28, 2010
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-Tea Party In Wonderland- by PurplePeepBits -Tea Party In Wonderland- by PurplePeepBits
My entry for the "Picture yourself in Alice in Wonderland Contest".

:bulletpurple:Why Alice?
I just adore all adaptions to this story and I'd watch the Disney version non-stop as a kid. *I'll be sure to make a tribute to that version in the future*

So I Alice-ized myself as well, of course Alice. I've always had a connection with this character, shes a day dreamer, innocent, imaginative and bores of reality from time to time yet shes witty, a little distant from her peers but always knows what she wants. Plus, I can think of 6 impossible things every morning. C: Shes just such a fun character in a bunch of different ways you look at her, an explorer, a mental case living in her own mind or a brave champion, shes still totally likable. I did enjoy Burtons take on Alice, the way he portrayed her as an older young lady dealing with the odd and boring world around her was really nice and the fact that we got to see her as a child having dreams about wonderland after the first visit was really clever. A really great character in Alice, but, I feel as if theres a little bit of each character inside us all. Its hard to just pick one.

:bulletpurple:The Illustration:
I chose the classic tea party scene as its nostalgic and fun all its own. And in my opinion, represents Alice in Wonderland the best. Its a scene made of pure imagination and in the Tim Burton's version, a great intro to some of the most beloved characters of the movie. The start of the journey ensues after this tea party and who didn't dream about participating in a un-birthday tea party? This is just pure imagination and I had fun working on this. I tried to add as many trinkets and fun items from the movie, the scroll, the vile, playing cards and clouds to represent the red queen, the White Queens castle, Bayard under the table, the key to the door, the sword, the tarts and cupcakes and tons more. Can you find them all? Theres just so many memorable moments and characters for this movie and Tim Burton has done a great job reconstructing this world. Giving it a dark tone, letting us know that all fantasy has its dark sides. The costumes and special effects for this movie were superb.

:bulletpurple:The Inspiration:
Old Children Golden Books and Mary Blairs concept art for the cartoon adaption of Alice in Wonderland were major for this and brought out the bright colors, painted like textures and exaggerated cartoony caricatures. While the other half of the inspiration was based on both movie adaptions and of course, Tim Burton's vision for this whacked out new Wonderland. That brought out the gritty, detailed textures, spiky lines of motion, over the top detail, dark tones and even some of the bright color tones. Anything Tim Burton does is a inspiration for me and it truly shows in this tribute.

:bulletpurple:Technical Skill:
This image took me 3 days to do on and off. One of the longest pieces I've ever done. The traditional sketch and concept of the image took about an hour+ to construct. It is a digital painting made in Photoshop and the full size image is 93.8 MB with a 300 dpi. I need to work very VERY big in order to create my crisp and sometimes unnoticeable details. Everything you see in this image has atleast more than 10 layers. Hair, table, everything. To textures, to base color, to shadows, to color shades. It has over 100 layers of detail. I really wanted to go overboard with this.

:bulletpurple: Close Up Shots:

I really enjoyed creating this digital painting and being able to join the fun of these unique and well known characters. I felt like a child again working on this.
This is the first time entering a DeviantART contest and I put a lot of effort into this so if you all would be so kind as to comment, fav and view the image, Id truly appreciate the support!

I'm so glad I could take part in such a fun contest and just before the deadline too. *Phew* Thanks for looking and wish me luck!


EDIT:Fixed some parts of the image and some of the line work. I also added the wound Alice receives on her arm from the Bandersnatch.
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BLONDETARDIS26 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
Ah... Wonderful art, missy
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so cool
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Killer work!!
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wow... just wow... *bows in amazement*
joshcorris Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
wow, there's so many details. what size canvas do you use on average? i'd think it would have to be reasonably large, what with all the details, but i do recall salvador dali's average canvas was no bigger than a postcard, and he was a big fan of heavy detail as well. anyway, this is great. i'm gonna show it to my girlfriend, she loves alice in wonderland.
JeannieJeannie123 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
This is amazing I love all the detail
nicolemhamilton Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Professional Filmographer
I swear, the contest must've been judged by a blind man. Beautiful work.
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